PLANNERS have allowed a holiday let scheme in Stockbridge, despite the concerns of the parish council. 

Mr and Mrs Dunlop's proposal was for amendments to Stockbridge House, in High Street, to allow it to be able to switch between being three small units and one large one. 

Despite objections from Stockbridge Parish Council and eight members of the public, it was unanimously permitted by Test Valley Borough Council's southern area planning committee on Tuesday, April 23. 

Helen Jackson, from the parish council, told the committee that the new layout would not be appropriate. She said: “The parish council strongly objects to this. The access is inappropriate for the current number of vehicles. 

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Andover Advertiser: Helen Jackson

“The existing permission says the access should be kept clear, but it's not. It wouldn't be as financially viable. This will cause inconvenience and distress.”

The planning officers' report said: “The permission was for three tourist accommodation units in the one building. It is now proposed to give the flexibility for the building to either be used as three separate units of tourist accommodation or as one larger unit. The internal layout has been changed to provide three units consisting of a bedroom, en-suite bathroom and kitchenette facilities and a large communal space providing living/kitchen/dining space.

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“The principle of development has been established under the previous permission. In conclusion, the minor changes to the external appearance of the building would not have any adverse impact on the significance of the heritage assets, neighbouring residential amenity, access and parking or biodiversity. In addition to this the ability to use the tourist accommodation as one large unit or three separate units would also not have any impact on the significance of the listed building, neighbouring residential amenity, access and parking or biodiversity and is therefore recommended for permission subject to conditions.”

The applicants' agent Alex Webb said: “The change of layout will provide greater flexibility. It would meet the requirements for a more modern form of holiday accommodation. The applicants' aim is to maintain the historic setting and provide tourist accommodation to support the local economy.”

The committee voted unanimously in favour of approving it.