AN ANDOVER man has written and directed a feature film about a group of friends attending a rave, based on his life in the area.

David Campion, from Perham Down, shot Straight Through Crew in January 2022, at a live rave at the Memorial Hall in Ludgershall, which he described as the 'single most stressful night of my life'.

David told the Advertiser: "We just threw the actors onto the dancefloor and let them interact. During one scene, our lead actress, Jess Pearce, sat on the wings of the rave crying but was interrupted when an intoxicated party-goer tried to console her. 

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Andover Advertiser: Director David Campion with the film's stars

"It didn't matter that we had a big camera pointed at her - he just thought she was upset. It was a wild shoot, but hopefully looks and feels like a real party."

The film also used the recently-closed Stax N Snax restaurant, in Walworth Business Park, as a shooting location.

David explained that a children's party was happening on the other side of the restaurant during filming. He said: "We had to use radio and tie mics for the actors and keep the shots locked to our side of the restaurant,"

Other locations included The Queen's Head pub and The Old Castle in Ludgershall.

The 36-year-old said he found a love for film as he wasn't 'particularly academic, sporty, or artistic' in school, taking an interest in how cinema is made as a teenager.

David attended Andover College, studying A-Level film studies, and began working at the Odeon. He continued: "For me, cinema is the accessible art form. 

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"It's surreal to make a film so specific to my hometown and see it connect with audiences across the UK. Watching a film with strangers in a cinema is such a unifying experience."

The feature film stars actors Jess Pearce, and Charles Craddock, who recently appeared in the TV show Mary and George

Straight Through Crew was screened at Northampton Film Festival as well as Manchester Film Festival and will next appear at Romford Film Festival on May 26.

David said he is 'keen to screen the film locally', adding:" We'd love for locals to see this film where it belongs, on the big screen."