This is a summary of Planning Applications received in the Northern Area Planning Office of Test Valley Borough Council for the week ending Sunday, May 5.

Any comments should be sent to the Planning Office, Beech Hurst, Weyhill Road, Andover, SP10 3AJ or e-mail to:

You may also view documents and submit comments on the council's website -

24/00956/ADVN Display of two internally illuminated fascia/two internally illuminated monolith signs - 1 Pioneer Rd, Andover, Hampshire, ANDOVER TOWN (MILLWAY)

24/01054/CLPN Certificate of proposed lawful development for a swimming pool/assoc. works - Vine Hse, Biddesden Bottom Rd, Appleshaw, APPLESHAW

24/01049/TREEN Tree works - Nether Cttge, The Green, Amport, AMPORT

24/01021/FULLN Replace roof - Heatherbrae , 2 Appleton Mews, Andover, ANDOVER TOWN (WINTON)

24/00961/FULLN Erect home office - 3 Dines Clse, Hurstbourne Tarrant, Andover, HURSTBOURNE TARRANT

24/01046/FULLN Formation of swimming pool - Bec House, Monxton Rd, Amport, MONXTON

24/01038/TREEN Tree works - Chalk Bank, King Lne, Over Wallop, OVER WALLOP

24/01028/CLEN Certificate of existing lawfulness for use of land  - Postgrove Hse, Malthouse Lne, Smannell, SMANNELL, ENHAM ALAMEIN

24/01012/TREEN Tree works- The Old Rectory, Church Lne, Thruxton, THRUXTON

24/01013/TREEN Tree works - Manor Cttge, Church Lne, Thruxton, THRUXTON

24/01014/TPON Tree works - Thruxton Manor, Church Lne, Thruxton, THRUXTON

24/00998/CLPN Certificate of existing lawful development for ext - 44 Above Town, Upper Clatford, Andover, UPPER CLATFORD

24/01045/VARN Variation of Condition Nos 2, 5 and 8 of 24/00363/VARN  to allow changes to the design/pre-commencement conditions - Curry Cttges, Stockbridge Rd, Red Rice, UPPER CLATFORD

24/00995/FULLN & 24/00996/LBWN Demolish ext/install chimney/door on north elevation/alter porch/windows/replace glazed roof and internal alts - Wherwell Priory, Church St, Wherwell, WHERWELL