A NEW study has revealed that roads in Test Valley which are among the worst for vehicle crime in the county.

The study, conducted by number plate supplier Regtransfers, involved the analysis of public police data on more than 177,000 roads around the country, all of which had reported at least one vehicle-related crime between January 2023 and January 2024.

Vehicle crime was defined as "theft from or of a vehicle, or interference with a vehicle".

The worst offending roads in Test Valley were Mainstone, in Romsey, and Bullington Lane, in Barton Stacey, were eight crimes were recorded in each in the year up to January. 

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Manor Road, in Andover, and Rownhams Service Area each saw seven crimes reported.

Knatchbull Close, Romsey, had a total of five incidents recorded, marginally more than Dairy Lane, Hopkinson Way, Church Lane, Jerrett's Lane, Ling Dale, Mercer Way, Spitfire Lane, Romsey Road, Salisbury Road and Chivers Road, all of which recorded four car crimes since the start of 2023.

Fullerton Road, Wellesley Road, Stockbridge Road and 17 other roads had totals of three car crimes, while 40 other roads including Walworth Road, Cupernham Lane, Amesbury Road and Winchester Road had two car crimes reported in each each.

Overall there were 76 roads in Test Valley where car crimes were reported, with 227 incidents recorded between January 2023 and January 2024. 

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Regtransfers chief executive Mark Trimbee said: "Keeping your car safe from thieves doesn’t need to be a costly or taxing endeavour, but there are certainly some steps you should take to reduce your chances of being stung. Mix a bit of street smarts with some tech savvy.

"Lock up tight, park smart, and don’t let your keys hang out or be seen in places where they shouldn’t be. When it comes to additional tech, things like dash-cams, signal-blocking pouches for keyless entry fobs, and tracking devices can offer great security measures.

"Don’t forget to keep an eye out when you’re around your car and lock up as soon as you get in. It’s all about being smart and staying one step ahead."

The study showed that more than 366,600 crimes were reported to England’s police forces throughout 2023, with the majority taking place in London, which racked up a total of 111,887 vehicle crimes - a third of all that were reported last year.