AN ANDOVER man has been sentenced after breaching a restraining order and driving under the influence of cocaine.

Joseph Gallimore, 27, of Batchelors Barn Road, contacted a woman on April 19, just over a month after a restraining order was issued.

Sentencing him, Basingstoke Magistrates Court said on May 15 that 'a custodial sentence is justified because the defendant had a flagrant disregard for court orders'

The court register continued: "The offence was committed shortly after the restraining order was imposed and during the operations of the community order." 

Gallimore was given an eight-week sentence which has been suspended for 12 months. He was also ordered to pay £85 in court costs.

In a separate incident, Gallimore was also fined and disqualified from driving after he was caught driving an Audi on Batchelors Barn Road under the influence of cocaine on November 8.

He was also in possession of cocaine and cannabis at the time. He has been disqualified from driving for 28 months and fined £961. The court has also ordered for the destruction of drugs seized from him.