Although Andover has avoided a yellow weather warning, the town has still been forecast heavy rain. 

A yellow weather warning has been issued across much of the UK, with heavy rain expected in the north and thunderstorms all along the south coast.

The warning should not affect Andover, with heavy rain expected today across the county.

Heavy rain is forecast in Andover all afternoon, with rain expected to clear around 7pm, although of course, this is subject to change. 

Light rain is then expected in the evening around 7pm, but is expected to dry up ahead of Thursday, May 23.

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What to expect

3pm - 70 per cent chance of light rain

4pm - 90 per cent chance of heavy rain

5pm - 80 per cent chance of heavy rain

6pm - 50 per cent chance of light rain

7pm - 50 per cent chance of light rain

8pm - 10 per cent chance of rain, cloudy