A FORENSIC scientist has revealed that clothes were found in bloody water in a flat belonging to an Andover veteran after he was murdered.

As previously reported, Winter Swan-Miller is on trial at Winchester Crown Court charged with the murder of Stuart Maxwell Crocker, 62, who was found dead at The Signals, in New Street, Andover, on June 28, last year.

Police investigations found that veteran Mr Crocker might have been killed in the early hours of June 23, but was only discovered five days later when a neighbour phoned 999 concerned for his welfare.

On Tuesday, June 4, forensic scientist Penelope Griffiths gave evidence.

Andover Advertiser: Stuart Crocker (right). Top left: Police at the crime scene, Top right: Winchester Crown CourtStuart Crocker (right). Top left: Police at the crime scene, Top right: Winchester Crown Court (Image: Hampshire Constabulary and Newsquest)

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She said that she went to The Signals to examine the scene on July 28.

Ms Griffiths said that a large amount of blood was found on the floor of the sitting room, where Mr Crocker’s body had been found.

She found blood stains in several places in the sitting room, including on the “low level” of the sofa next to where Mr Crocker’s body was found, and a large blood stain on the leg of a coffee table.

Further blood was also found on the floor of the kitchen area, with Ms Griffiths saying that the amount suggested that the blood was on someone’s shoe or foot, and they had walked it into the area.

Discoloured still water was found in the drum of the washing machine in the kitchen – alongside some clothes – with more blood stains on the front of the machine. When tested, the water and the clothes both came back positive for blood.

Traces of blood were also found on the shower head and taps in the flats’ bathroom. Ms Griffiths said that this “would be indicative of evidence being cleaned up of blood, or a person or surface being cleaned.”

Ms Griffiths said that only a small amount of blood was found on the fan that was discovered by police next to Mr Crocker’s head, with “small amounts near the button to turn it on”.

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She said that this suggested that the fan was placed by Mr Crocker’s head after the assault.

Ms Griffiths concluded: “In my opinion, the blood staining suggests that Mr Crocker was assaulted at or close to the position where he was found.

“I cannot rule out that he could have been assaulted elsewhere in the flat and then moved to the sitting room, but there is no blood spatter evidence for that.”

The trial continues.