THE Hampshire and Isle of Wight Wildlife Trust reports an impressive outcome from its recent Seeing is Believing 2024 CEO Conference.

Celebrated conservationists including Liz Bonnin, Chris Packham, and Megan McCubbin joined wildlife trust leaders at the event, which showcased exceptional conservation efforts across Hampshire and the Isle of Wight.

Conference discussions emphasised the critical link between land and sea, underlining the importance of comprehensive conservation strategies and collaborative nature recovery efforts.

Sessions highlighted the crucial task of seagrass restoration around the Solent, discussing how to protect, restore, and monitor this vital habitat.

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Jamie Marsh, Hollie Fallick, Francesca Cooper, Debbie Tann MBE, Liz Bonnin, and Graig Bennett (Image: Hampshire & Isle of Wight Wildlife Trust) The conference also investigated the significance of maintaining healthy soils and river ecosystems, touching on the potential impact of beavers on landscape restoration, flood and drought prevention, and biodiversity improvement.

Demonstrations of the trust's vision for a thriving, interconnected ecosystem spanned across Hampshire and the Isle of Wight.

Case studies included the productive synergy between rewilding and regenerative farming at Wilder Little Duxmore and Wilder Nunwell.

Hollie Fallick and Francesca Cooper from Nunwell Home Farm unveiled how their farming practices dovetail with the Trust's rewilding policies.

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Their approach forms a potent example of cooperation in addressing climate and biodiversity while balancing commercial viability.

Innovators such as the Garlic Farm and the Ellen MacArthur Foundation brought to light how sustainable practices not only aid the environment but also promote economic resilience.

Teeming with exchanges on challenging issues and new opportunities, the conference marked a benchmark moment for conservation collaboration.

This exciting dialogue has fortified the collective dedication to leading conservation strategies that inspire local communities and can be replicated nationwide.

The trust extends gratitude to all participants for their valuable contributions to the conference's success, and to residents in Hampshire and the Isle of Wight for their continuous support.

They have pioneered a collaborative approach to nature recovery, setting a model for nationwide conservation efforts.