PEOPLE in Hampshire are being encouraged to become foster carers.

Hampshire County Council's fostering service is launching a campaign on June 10, aiming to raise the number of children in care placed into hospitable homes.

The campaign highlights the moving narrative of Jack, a fictional young foster child, tracking his emotions and experiences throughout his fostering pathway.

A child comes into foster care roughly every 12 hours in Hampshire, highlighting the pressing demand for more foster carers across the county.

Interested residents over 21 are encouraged to apply, with the only requirement being a spare room and a positive, patient and resilient personality.

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Various types of fostering arrangements are available to suit different lifestyles and commitments.

Foster carers for Hampshire County Council will receive substantial training, support, and financial allowances.

They'll have a social worker dedicated to assisting them, and the opportunity to join the Hampshire Hive - a support network that acts as an 'extended family' for carers and the children they look after.

To learn more, contact the fostering service on 01489 587052, or visit the county council website for more information and the dates of any forthcoming events and training.