FORMER USA military man turned artist, Chris KB, will be hosting his debut art exhibition, 'Standing Face to Face', at the Unity Art Studios in Andover.

Commencing on July 11 and ending August 1, the showcase features over 30 portraits borne out of his personal journey with the Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD), he suffers due to past war experiences.

Creating art has served as a therapeutic outlet for Chris and this exhibition is a visual articulation of his emotions when words fail him.

His artwork ranges from thought-provoking and dark to vibrant and quirky.

Visitors are encouraged to engage with the pieces, identifying faces and interpreting the emotions evoked.

Apart from coming face to face with Chris's creations, visitors are indirectly contributing to a great cause as well.

All proceeds from the exhibition sales will be donated to the PBC Foundation, a charity supporting research for non-alcoholic liver disease.

Robert Mitchell-Thain, CEO of the PBC Foundation, expressed his admiration for Chris's artistic talents and praised his generosity in donating the proceeds to the foundation.

The PBC Foundation aims to make this event a success, raising awareness for the rare autoimmune condition and increasing funding for medical research.

Chris's pieces are also available online at for those who can't attend the in-person exhibition.

Chris said: "I have been an artist for many years, not knowing if and when the time was right to release any of my collection, however sometimes there are no set rules, especially in art. So I find myself baring my soul in order to help others which feels completely the right time.

"Please do fly by to the gallery in the Chantry Centre and take a peek at my friends in the pictures. You may find more than you meant to and help a small charity along the way with a small purchase."