THREE in five British drivers have admitted experiencing road rage at another road user or pedestrian.

New data from Regtransfers reveals that a shocking number admit to experiencing extreme anger while on the roads.

While getting frustrated behind the wheel is not against the law, the resulting actions could lead to driving in a manner that could be considered careless or dangerous - which could lead to a motoring conviction.

While we technically shouldn’t, perhaps one of the more common ways we vent frustration at other motorists is to sound the car’s horn.

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Horns should only be used to warn other road users of imminent danger, but the study also revealed that most Brits don’t know when they should and shouldn’t be doing this.

When asked to identify the correct times one can use their horn in a built-up area, more than half (56 per cent) of Brits were unable to do so, either stating that they didn’t know or responding with incorrect times.

According to the Highway Code, Rule 112 dictates that drivers must not use their horn when driving in a built-up area between the hours of 11.30pm and 7am. What’s more, breaking this law could result in a fine of up to £1,000.

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Regtransfers CEO Mark Trimbee said: "While driving can be an enjoyable experience, it can also test our patience, especially during rush hour. We’ve all felt annoyed whilst being stuck in traffic - it’s just human nature.

“That being said, how we choose to manage our reactions is important not just for legal compliance, but also our collective safety. Road rage can escalate quickly and not only compromise your own safety but also that of others.

"It’s important that we respect each other, and techniques such as deep breathing, listening to calm music or planning extra time to avoid rushing can help in keeping a cool head.

"We should always think twice before venting frustrations at other road users.”