VOTERS in Wiltshire wanting to make a statement took to the polls to spoil their ballots in the 2024 general election, and we took a look at just some of the most interesting.

Instead of simply not voting, a spoiled ballot is often used as a way for people who do not agree with any of the standing election candidates or who wish to make a bold statement about politics to get their point across.

At the last general election, more than 100,000 people spoilt their ballot papers and this year in Wiltshire there was no shortage of creative ones.

The East Wiltshire election, which was counted in Five Rivers Leisure Centre in Salisbury, saw 167 spoiled ballots and each one was held up for election candidates to adjudicate.

The overwhelming number of spoiled ballot papers simply stated 'I do not consent' in bold capital letters across the paper, but some stand-out unique ones included drawings of donkeys, images of genitalia, and one which was shredded completely by hand and stuffed into the ballot box.

"The voter's intention was unclear," stated the deputy acting returning officer who held the paper up to an audience.