ANDOVER’S Light Bulb Amnesty will be held today, 26 March.

Take your old style light bulbs to Andover Market between 10am and 4pm and in return Transition Town Andover will give you a free energy efficient light bulb.

Organiser Seb Blake said: “The aim of the Light Bulb Amnesty event is to encourage people in Andover to make the easiest and quickest way to save energy.

“And little changes really do add up – energy-efficient light bulbs not only last ten times longer than the old style ones, they use around 80 per cent less electricity, this will save you £7 a year and up to £60 over the lifetime of the bulb.”

Many households have 10 or more bulbs so the savings keep on adding up to save £70 or more a year for those that switch to entirely energy-efficient bulbs.

Transition Town Andover members will also be on hand to give practical advice on how to make other energy efficient changes to your home and lifestyle which will not only tackle climate change but in the long term will save you more money.