SHOPS in Whitchurch have been asked not to sell energy drinks to under-16s on Friday nights, in an effort to reduce rowdy behaviour.

Police in the town fear that the high-sugar, high-caffeine drinks are contributing to bad behaviour by youngsters, as they make them hyperactive.

In a report read to Whitchurch council at its meeting on Monday, PC Paula Deery and PCSO Wendy Eaglestone revealed there had been nine reports of antisocial behaviour in March.

The report said: “We have asked shops in Whitchurch not to sell Red Bull or other stimulation drinks to under-16s on a Friday evening as it increases hyperactivity.”

An assembly was also held at Testbourne Community School, warning pupils not to cause trouble over the weekends, and letters were sent out to parents.

The youngsters were warned that if they continued to make a nuisance of themselves, they would face being made a subject of antisocial behaviour contracts.

Cllr Dave Titcomb told the meeting: “There were certainly less children on Friday, the police were out in quite high numbers.

“There are still small groups, especially from Andover, coming in as it seems to be the place to go.”

Cllr Jackie Day asked for police patrols to extend to Saturday nights as well.

She said: “I came through Whitchurch on Saturday at 9.30pm and there were at least six to eight children sitting in the square, riding around the square on bikes making a nuisance of themselves.

“I think they were playing football and using the square as a football pitch.”