A TIDWORTH teenager asked magistrates to turn his fine into compensation for a police officer after he racially abused him on a night out in Amesbury.

Joshua Mark Llewellyn, of Compton Road, called PC Richard Choula a n***** three times as the officer knelt down to help the 20-year-old on October 26, Salisbury magistrates heard on Friday.

Police were called to Salisbury Street at around 11.45pm following reports of a fight between eight youths, and when PC Choula arrived the 20-year-old was laying on the floor.

Defending, Mr Griffiths said: “On the night in question, Mr Llewellyn was celebrating his birthday with his girlfriend, who also shares the same birthday, and he admitted to police that he drank far too much and couldn’t even remember what he was drinking. He was told by friends that there was an altercation and he had verbally abused PC Choula.

“He is very, very embarrassed and he has not drunk since the incident. He spent 15 hours in custody and he had lots of time to think over his actions.”

Llewellyn, who had never been in trouble with the police before, pleaded guilty to the offence.

“Your good character is gone – and in such a foolish way,” Martin Clarke, chairman of the bench said.

“To say this was not pleasant and it is totally unacceptable in this day and age and rightly so that you are ashamed.”

Llewellyn was ordered to pay compensation of £150 to PC Choula and ordered to pay costs of £85.