SCHOOLS in Hampshire have performed well in the annual Ofsted review.

The report, which the education watchdog put out on Wednesday, 13 December, details how schools in the nation’s authorities performed in their Ofsted inspections.

The review uses the data from inspections over the past year and collates it to show how each authority’s schools stack up in all of the ratings, including ‘outstanding’ and ‘good’.

In England, the average for all schools achieving ‘outstanding or ‘good’ was 89 per cent, with Hampshire managing to have 90 per cent of all schools get the same rating.

The standard in England for primary schools shows 91 per cent getting ‘outstanding’ or 'good’, but Hampshire edges ahead again with 92 per cent getting the higher grades. This includes Hampshire having a four per cent higher amount of ‘outstanding’ marks, 23 per cent, to the amount nationally of 19 per cent.

Secondary schools saw another lead for Hampshire, with 81 per cent of schools being graded highly, as opposed to the national standard of 79 per cent. Hampshire had a 10 per cent lead on secondary schools being rated as ‘good’ as ahead of the national figure of 56 per cent.

The increase in the high Ofsted marks has been well received by Hampshire County Council (HCC).

Councillor Peter Edgar, executive member for education at HCC, pictured, said: “I would like to congratulate school staff and pupils for their excellent performance.

"This result is testament to the high standard of education we have in this county. It reflects why over 90 per cent of Hampshire schools are judged to be good or outstanding by Ofsted.

“We are fortunate in being able to support our family of schools with a range of school improvement and other services that contribute to their ability to excel.”