A SIGNIFICANT target has been reached in a campaign to create a new cancer treatment centre for people in north Hampshire.

Ark Cancer Centre Charity has hit a £500,000 match-funding target on its way raising £5million towards a the new centre, earmarked to be built at Basingstoke hospital.

The pledge of £500,000 of match-funding from Greenham Trust for Ark, through not-for-profit cloud platform The Good Exchange, has been a significant factor in the charity’s fundraising campaign as many fundraisers and donors have raised or given money, knowing Greenham will double the contribution.

Merv Rees, leading liver cancer consultant surgeon and Ark trustee, said: “We are grateful for every donation that the charity receives, but the fact that people have been able to double the value of whatever they raise or donate has been a great incentive for people to use The Good Exchange.

“There is no doubt that The Good Exchange has done a power of good to Ark Cancer Centre Charity’s campaign to raise the £5million of funding that will be crucial to delivering the cancer treatment centre that local cancer patients and their families need and deserve.

“This generous match-funding support from Greenham Trust has really been one of the most significant things to have happened in the course of our fundraising for the new centre. We would be nowhere near our current total of £1.8million without it. We’re extremely grateful for the support from Greenham Trust and The Good Exchange.”

“While this is a significant milestone, the project still has a long way to go and we’re always looking for new funders and fundraisers to help us reach that £5million target as soon as possible.”

Ark Cancer Centre Charity is continuing to encourage fundraisers and donors to give money through The Good Exchange, and the charity is currently looking for new funders to follow in Greenham Trust’s footsteps by providing future match-funding support.

Ed Gairdner, chief operating officer of The Good Exchange, said: “By using the match-funding capability offered through The Good Exchange online platform, Ark Cancer Centre Charity and Greenham Trust have been able to optimise the way that money is being raised for this huge scheme.

“Ark Cancer Centre Charity has clearly demonstrated the effectiveness and positive impact that match-funding has on charitable giving, and we encourage anyone considering supporting the project going forward to take this approach.”

There are various ways people can get involved in helping Ark Cancer Centre Charity reach its £5 million goal.

For a list of upcoming events and more information visit arkcancercharity.org.uk

Chris Boulton, chief executive officer of Greenham Trust, said “We’re thrilled that this milestone has been reached and that we are now able to hand over £500,000 to Ark Cancer Centre Charity, helping it to move closer to the goal of opening a local cancer treatment centre.”

“We know that there is still a long way to go and we look forward to seeing more funders and fundraisers come on board to drive continued project success.”

Largely being funded by Hampshire Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust (HHFT), the new centre will improve and enhance how cancer patients are treated, providing chemotherapy, radiotherapy, complementary treatments and supportive services in an uplifting environment.