Strictly Come Dancing viewers have slammed tonight's 'results show' episode as "pointless" after it was announced that there would be no eliminations this week.

This came after the sudden announcement that EastEnders and Casualty star Nigel Harman would be quitting the show after sustaining an injury.

Announcing the news, a BBC spokesperson said on X (formally known as Twitter): "Unfortunately Nigel has sustained an injury which means he is unable to perform in tonight’s show and has had to withdraw from Strictly."

Despite no eliminations taking place this week, the points given to each pairing will be carried on to next week where it could make a massive difference.

Strictly Come Dancing viewers slam 'pointless' episode of the BBC show

Fans of the programme have claimed tonight's episode is "pointless" with many taking to social media to air their views.

One user shared that tonight's BBC show was likely the "most pointless" they had ever seen, writing: "Possibly the most pointless Sunday night episode ever of Strictly Come Dancing!…"

Another added: "What is the point of tonight’s Strictly Come Dancing results program when no-one is being eliminated and there’s no dance off?"

One user simply said: "Doing a new show - pointless," while another said: "What is the point of having a results show this week ?"

A fifth viewer said: "Is there a purpose to The Results show tonight?"

See the leaderboard for Strictly Come Dancing week 11

Here are the scores and leaderboard for week 11 of Strictly Come Dancing as Layton Williams, Bobby Brazier, Ellie Leach and Annabel Croft remain.

  1. Layton Williams and Nikita - 40
  2. Ellie Leach and Vito - 36
  3. Bobby Brazier and Dianne - 34
  4. Annabel Croft and Johannes - 33

Strictly Come Dancing continues next week on BBC One and BBC iPlayer as the finals draw closer.