The remaining celebrity contestants on Strictly Come Dancing performed again tonight (December 9) and the results are in.

This week was the semi-final of the dancing competition and the celebrities attempted to secure their place in the final.

Whether you tuned in to watch this week’s dance routines or you missed it, here is the leaderboard, complete with the judges' scores for each remaining couple.

See the leaderboard for the semi-finals of Strictly 2023

Here are the scores and leaderboard for the semi-final week of Strictly Come Dancing as Layton Williams, Bobby Brazier, Ellie Leach and Annabel Croft and their professional partners remain.

Since there was no public vote last week, the judges' scores have been carried over to this week.

Therefore, at the start of tonight's episode, the celebrities started with the following scores:

  • Layton and Nikita - 40
  • Ellie and Vito - 36
  • Bobby and Dianne - 34
  • Annabel and Johannes - 33

Each couple performed two dances this week as opposed to their usual one, here’s the leaderboard with the scores from this week.

Each couple's overall score combines the score they received last week as well as the scores received for both dances in the semi-final this week.

Layton and Nikita:

Rumba - 36

Charleston - 40

Overall score: 116

Ellie and Vito:

Cha Cha - 37

Couple's Choice - 38

Overall score: 111

Bobby and Dianne:

Quickstep - 38

Pasodoble - 35

Overall score: 107

Annabel and Johannes:

Salsa - 32

Vienesse Waltz - 33

Overall score: 98

See all the songs and dances for semi-final week on Strictly Come Dancing

Annabel and Johannes:

  • Salsa to You’ll Be Mine (Party Time) by Gloria Estefan
  • Viennese Waltz to Please, Please, Please, Let Me Get What I Want by Slow Moving Millie

Layton and Nikita:

  • Charleston to Fit As A Fiddle by Gene Kelly and Donald O’Connor
  • Rumba to Lift Me Up by Rihanna

Ellie and Vito:

  • Couple’s Choice to Dua Lipa Medley
  • Cha Cha to Mambo Italiano by Bette Midler

Bobby and Dianne:

  • Quickstep to Mack The Knife by Bobby Darin
  • Paso Doble to Run Boy Run by Woodkid

How to vote on Strictly Come Dancing

There are a number of ways to vote on Strictly Come Dancing, including online and by telephone. 

To vote online you can head to the BBC website and log into your BBC account. 

Once you are logged in, you can vote for your favourite Strictly Come Dancing contestant with your three votes.

To do this, you just need to click the plus button on the picture of your favourite celebrity with the chance to use all three of your votes on the same person. 

Once you have chosen who gets your votes, you can click 'submit' and your celebrity will get your votes.

When is the Strictly Come Dancing final 2023?

The final of Strictly Come Dancing will air on Saturday, December 16 on BBC One and BBC iPlayer.