CONSERVATIVE Kit Malthouse has retained North West Hampshire, but suffered a loss to his majority.

The Tory politician collected 36,471 votes to comfortably beat his nearest challenger, Labour's Andy Fitchet.

However he saw around 1,000 votes knocked off his majority by Mr Fitchet, who recorded Labour's biggest total in North West Hampshire, with 13,792 votes.

As a result, Mr Malthouse saw his majority drop from 23,943 to 22,679 - despite collecting 4,000 more votes than he did in 2015.

The biggest loser on the night was Ukip's Roger Clark.

The anti-EU candidate narrowly avoided finishing last behind Green candidate Dan Hill, collecting just 1467 votes compared to Mr Hill's 1334.

Mr Clark's result is a major decrease from 2015, when Ukip's Sue Perkins finished second with more than 8,000 votes.

Liberal Democrat Alex Payton made a minor gain for his party, who finished third behind Conservative and Labour.

The Lib Dems recorded a total of 5,708 votes this time round, compared to the 5,151 they received in 2015.

Another increase came in the form of turnout, which was 72.3 per cent in North West Hampshire.

This is the highest it has been in the constituency since the 1997 general election.