A BOUNDARY review in to local parishes has thrown up questions about where Burghclere Down should belong.

Parish councils submitted reports to Test Valley Borough Council (TVBC) on Monday as part of the Community Governance Review’s (CGR) first round of consultations, with two councils both proposing for the area to be included in their parishes.

The CGR aims to review parish arrangements in Test Valley to “reflect the identities and interests” of the borough’s communities and in an effective and convenient way.

Burghclere Down currently makes up part of Abbotts Ann Parish Council (AAPC), which wants the community to remain in its district while Andover Town Council (ATC) suggested it would make logistical sense for it to come in to Andover.

ATC chair Katherine Bird said: “We had conversations with Abbotts Ann Parish Council about redrawing the natural boundary of Andover to follow the A303, meaning Burghclere Down would come into Andover.

“As laid out in our submission, CGR should reflect the community’s interests, we have been asked what makes sense and for community and transport links it makes logistical sense for Burghclere Down to be included.

“Obviously we want residents to have a say and they can do that by going to TVBC’s website.”

The ATC report also noted how the area has no footpath or transport links to Abbotts Ann, and children attend schools in Andover.

AAPC conducted a survey across its Burghclere Down residents ahead of submitting a report to TVBC to help inform councillors of their views.

Findings from 62 people surveyed found 38 residents wanting to stay in the parish, while nine respondents wanted to move to ATC.

AAPC chair Andrew Hayter said: “The view of the parish council was there should be an overwhelming reason to make a change to parish boundaries rather than tinkering with them unless for good reason.

“Because we were aware ATC were putting in a suggestion for Burghclere Down to come into their parish we conducted an informal consultation specifically in Burghclere Down.

“60 responses is actually quite good as people were only given a week to comment and overwhelming two thirds of those wanted to stay in AAPC, and out of the remainder the people who alternatively responded said they actually didn’t want to be part of ATC.

“Some comments said it was too big, I think ATC has one of the biggest populations in one parish. Burghclere Down is a large part of Abbotts Ann parish so the feeling of people are they are more likely to be listened to and more likely to have the council act on their behalf that was the written comments.”

Members of the public can submit their views in the next round of consultations which will be available from 4 May- 6 July.

To find out more go to testvalley.gov.uk/aboutyourcouncil/community-governance-review.