NEW owners of an ex-hunting dog which was abandoned, and shot is looking to raise funds to strengthen his back legs.

Epi, who is a Pointer Cross, was found near to death in Episkopi, Cyprus, starving with shattered bones in his legs and suffering from serve infections.

After being discovered by a local rescue company – run by a British couple who had moved out to Cyprus to retire - Cyprus Pride House, where the two-year-old pup underwent four reconstructive surgeries to rebuild his legs.

He now has a metal plate in his front right leg; another in his back-left leg; and a third in his back-right leg.

Now, Epi lives in Tadley with Ali Penter-Dixon, who wants to help his continued recovery.

The 44-year-old told the Gazette: "When me and my mum saw him we knew we needed to help him.

“His back-right leg needs a further operation to remove the plate currently supporting his leg bones and replace with a plate in his foot to enable those bones to heal.”

Ali, who calls Epi the bionic dog, said that he is the sweetest dog, and due to his calm temperament wants him to become a therapy dog when he is well.

She added: “He is so sweet loving, which considering everything he has gone through you would think that he would be an untrusting dog.

“Everyone who meets him the fall in love with him and he just has such a calm demeanour. I think he would be amazing as a therapy dog as he is just such good company’

“And as airy fairy as it sounds for him to do good for people after everything, he has been through would be amazing.”

Ali is looking to raise funds to help Epi undergo further surgery to remove one plate; and the replacement of the other plate with one in his foot.

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