YOU may recall stories warning of a global wine shortage at the start of the year as experts feared about the impact of climate change.

But one Basingstoke man is prepared - as he's been making his own wine.

Eighty-eight-year-old Francesco Cerroni grows grapes in his back garden and uses traditional methods to press and store his brand of alcohol for consumption.

His daughter-in-law, Del Cerroni, took some photographs of Frank in action. She told The Gazette: “Francesco, whom we lovingly call Frank, came to the UK in 1962 from a village called Castro dei Volsci in Italy.

“He is probably one of the few Italians in Basingstoke who actually grows their own white grapes to make into wine.”

Del said that during the winter season, Frank, who lives in Sheppard Road, works hard looking after his wine.

She said: "It keeps him busy but all the hard work pays off when he finally drinks them from his own bottles."