A FAMILY which responded to an appeal posted by the Advertiser more than a decade ago searching for a new home for a cat have said a fond farewell to the feline. 

In the midweek edition on October 24, 2012, in an appeal titled "Animal Magic", there was an article for seven-year-old cat named Grace which desperately need a home. 

Margaret and Colin Grace, who live in Andover, responded to this appeal, and Grace went to live with them where she became a part of their family until she sadly deied shortly after her 17th birthday on January 13, this year.

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They renamed Grace as Macy, and did initially wonder if she ever would settle into her new home, but once Macy accepted the couple as her new guardians the couple explained she made their home "seem that much warmer and more comfortable".

Margaret said: "She brought us so much joy and this was also shared with our son and daughter-in-law who live nearby in Fyfield. 

"Little Macy became a much-cherished member of the family. Of course, we miss her but she had 17 years of life which, for the most part, were comfortable, peaceful and secure.

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"In the 10 years with us, our treasured Macy gave us such joy and affection. We hope that we gave her a good life in exchange."

With a strong reluctance, the family said goodbye to Macy, but expressed they will soon be reunited with her when her ashes will be interred in a pot on the couple's patio where they plan to plant a rose bush.