SIR: Roger Malyn is entitled to support Royaldown but I note he lives in Teg Down, the other side of Winchester from the proposed development (Chronicle, Letters, January 14).

The “Hursley” area covers three distinct villages of Hursley, Compton and Shawford, and Oliver’s Battery and will affect thousands of local residents who use the whole area for recreation on a daily basis. We all use the footpaths and bridleways that cross “the shallow valley between two ridges” and I can assure you that due to the size of the proposed development, it would certainly not be “invisible”.

The extra traffic to and from the development will snarl up our local roads, which are heavily congested at the best of times, and particularly when there is a problem on the M3 or M27. There are many other reasons why many of us are objecting.

Veronica Bliss,