SIR: Reading Margaret Grant’s letter (Chronicle, January 14) about Barlows Butchers in Stockbridge Road also brought back memories to me as my father Fred Kitley was also a butcher there back in the 1950s.

Bill Sankey was manager at the time. Dad had a reputation of making of making the best sausages in town. I would spend time there fascinated as a ten-year-old watching him make them and could not wait to get them home to eat them.

Therewere quite a few butchers in town at that time and Dad worked for most of them as one time or another.

Can people remember Mayo Butchers near Chesil Bridge, Stratford, High Street, Macfisheries, Evans in Alresford, the Pie Factory, Winnall? Like Margaret, a walk down memory lane.

Michael Kitley,

Fromond Road,