SIR: I refer to the erection of two buildings in Winnall flats. They are to be five storeys high.

The city council has sent out leaflets asking for our views but completely ignore our concerns. They seem to think that cutting down several beautiful trees in the most polluted area of Winnall is of no concern to them and where are they going to put at least 50 cars from the car park which is to be obsolete because of the new buildings?

It seems they have to reach their goal of the amount of buildings to be erected by the Government so they can be awarded without a care for the environment and the concerns of people who are dead against the scheme.

The council has no concern for people living in the area. Their health and safety mean nothing to them and people in authority are ignoring all the concerns and whatever they want they will do.

The country is looking to plant more trees because of global warming but this council are oblivious of that fact.

P Dollery (Mrs),

Winnall Manor Road,