A TIDWORTH couple has labelled a housing provider ‘disgraceful’ after being plagued by mould and damp ever since they moved in.

Kirsty Mills and Daniel Mason say they feel like they cannot call their flat, which they moved into four years ago, a home due to the persistent problem.

The Juniper Court, Tidworth, couple rent their flat from Aster Group and have said the issues mean their son, Tyler, has to take tablets for his asthma as his inhaler is not good enough.

Mr Mason said: “No one wants to do anything, no one wants to help. My girlfriend has put in complaints and nothing’s been done. Everything is soaking wet everywhere. I don’t know what to do.”

Their most recent issue started this February when the linoleum in their kitchen started to bubble.

Workers ripped up the floor and laid new linoleum down soon after but the problem reappeared in June.

After several visits, the floor was taken up again in August but the kitchen floor is still bare months on.

Mr Mason said: “It’s disgraceful; if you’re behind on your rent, they’re on you like Batman with an eviction notice. Instead of finding the problem, they just paper it over.”

The constant water saturation from the mysterious leak has also destroyed skirting boards and furnishings.

The 42-year-old added: “We’re devastated - how can we live like this? We can’t go into the kitchen and we had to cook in the living room with a worktop cooker one time.

"We’ve had a fridge freezer in there for so long it’s like an ornament.

“The boys can’t do their homework at the table and we can’t sit at the table to eat.” Miss Mills, 27, added: “I’m just stuck at what to do now. It’s getting the right people to listen, I don’t know who to go to now.”

Rebecca Outram, Aster head of housing in Hampshire, said:

“I’m sorry to hear that Kirsty and Daniel are unhappy and I understand their frustration.

"We’ve looked into several options around the source of the issue and will be looking to assess whether an underground leak outside of the property is the cause.

“Providing our customers with a good service is really important to us and we work hard to make sure we resolve issues quickly but in some cases, like this one, they can be more difficult to fix straight away.

“I would like to reassure Kirsty and Daniel that we are working on a solution and will be in contact to discuss the next steps with them.”