Year 11 Students at Rookwood School have been given a send-off in style as their time at the school came to an end.

Students enjoyed a series of activities ahead of a leavers lunch on Friday, June 11, followed by their prom on Monday, June 14, where they dressed to the nines for a meal and music with their friends.

Rookwood’s assistant headteacher, Liz Hacker said "I am so proud of how the Year 11 class of 2021 have conducted themselves over the past year.

“Their resilience, determination and good spirits have been at the forefront of everything they have undertaken. I wish them every success in their future endeavours".

As part of their activities on Friday, June 11, students took part in a variety of activities in the morning, including a Year 11 Olympics. Students competed against each other to emerge victorious in a variety of sports and also activities which are yet to make it to the Olympics, such as a dance-off.

The following Monday, students then headed to The Greyhound in Stockbridge for their prom, where food and music were on the agenda. As is traditional, students arrived in a variety of exciting ways, including on horseback, in sportscars and even in a Rolls-Royce.

One of the other activities students were challenged with at the prom was to identify their peers from baby photos that were distributed amongst them!

The students will now be moving on to a variety of different further education options. For the first time, this will include Rookwood’s own Sixth Form, which is set to open in September after having been planned for many years.

It will maintain many of the aspects of Rookwood’s lower school, with smaller class sizes and an emphasis on tailor-made education for students.