DAWN Boyd’s latest trek was north was to the Isle of Anglesey with a tiring journey of nearly six hours, but was worth it for the a track which is a real challenge.

The circuit is right on the coast and has spectacular views of the sea, but the weather played its part all weekend.

With a practise and qualifying in the wet there was little chance to test the braking zones being so slippery and trying to avoid spinning off.

Boyd managed 11th on the grid and race one proved to be a wet one, which meant the racing lines were mixed up.

The Andover driver made a good move finding some grip to overtake and whilst racing for position on the next bend the cars in front slid and in avoidance Boyd ended up in a half spin, she grappled it together and carried on chasing.

With the conditions changing she did well to hang onto several slides and learned a lot about the cars handling, a few laps later unfortunately Boyd spun again, in the same place. This time she did not recover so quickly and ended up at the back.

The second race of the day was cancelled as too many race incidents breaching track time curfew.

The Golf Gti’s were moved to the next day, which saw the sun come out and the wind drop.

Finally there was a dry track to race and Boyd had a good battle in the sun to finish eighth.

It remained dry for race three and the Andover driver put her knowledge gained to the test.

A race long battle ensued and a couple of battle scars and Boyd also fending off a last corner lunge to hang onto ninth place.

The Orange Family really got behind the B42’s Motorsport Team’s ‘Marshal Support Race Car’ again and many enjoyed the free snacks and drinks on offer.

Boyd said: "It was great to see so many grateful and welcoming smiling faces and they all waved as I finished the races."

The Teekay Couplings Production Gti Championship grid are a friendly bunch and The B42’s Team enjoyed a great weekend, with race-long battles and lessons learned.

Next is another long trip to Snetterton in Norfolk, but the team is improving all the time and successfully spreading the word of the B42’s Marshal Car, which will welcome more of the orange army.

All details of B42’s Motorsport can be found at dawnontrack.co.uk all donations welcome.