JOHN Hanson Community School have continued their netball success this season with both their Year 9 and Year 10 teams winning the Andover and District League.

The league consists of teams from John Hanson, Harrow Way, Winton, Rookwood, The Clere, Testbourne, Test Valley and Wellington.

The Year 9 team won all of their games convincingly this season and were crowned champions last week.

They are a very strong team and have won the league in their age group every year since Year 7. This year they scored 155 goals and only conceded 17.

The Player of the Season was decided by votes from the opposing team to determine Player of the Match for each match, combined with the team’s Player’s Players’ votes, and the Coach’s Player of the Match votes. This resulted in a draw between captain Katie Sargeant and Flavia Zamfir, both taking the title.

The Year 10’s have a similar success story having won the league every year for the past four years.

Their impressive 101 goal difference score only solidified their no loss victory for the season, and indeed in their four year netball career.

The Player of the Season went to Casino Jubb, Caitlin Leybourne and Belle Mistry.

The Year 11 team are still defending their title for the 5th year in a row, with no losses yet and three matches to go.

The Year 7 and 8 begin their league after Christmas, with the Year 8 team hoping to hold onto their winners’ title from last year, and the newly formed Year 7 team anxious to get their hands on the trophy.

Mrs Vant, who runs the netball club and teams, attributes their success to a great deal of hard work and commitment by the whole club, and a real passion for netball.

The girls train weekly at school, as well as doing netball in their core PE lessons. Some also play netball outside of school.

There is also a yearly trip to Liddington for a netball tour where they play teams from across the country.

Last year they took home one 1st place and two third places in the competition out of the five John Hanson teams that were entered.

They are all looking forward to a trip to go and watch a live Superleague game next year between Team Bath and Wasps.