A GROUP of kids from Shipton Bellinger have scripted an incredible underdog story by going from not having enough players in their football team at the start of the season to bringing home the cup.

Shipton Bellinger Rams Under 10s, coached by Danny Brown, were struggling to find enough players in the team at the start of the season and they were forced to borrow players.

Last week, they were crowned the winners of the Jock McClurry Cup following a 2-1 victory againts Worthy Reds in a closely contested battle at Barry Fields in Winterslow.

It was a tense game, played in two halves of 25 minutes each.

Shipton Bellinger Rams took an early lead with a strike from Alfie Yendell. But Worthy Reds played a hard game, equalising from a penalty to make it 1-1 just before halftime.

Both teams came out with all guns blazing for the second half. Shipton putting up a great defence that Worthy just couldn’t break through.

But with 10 minutes to go, Ben Swatton scored to secure a 2-1 score.

The last 10 minutes of the game were so intense with parents on the sidelines clock-watching and waiting for the final whistle. Both teams had several chances on goal, however, the match ended in a 2-1 victory.

The team came on leaps and bounds this season, scripting a true underdog story. The players and the parents are now looking forward to growing further as a team in the next season.

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