BBC Radio Solent marked the first anniversary of Shane Warne’s death with a feature-length documentary, celebrating the life of cricket's biggest rockstar and his transformation of Hampshire Cricket Club.

‘Shane Warne: A Hampshire love story’ looks at how Warne changed the Hampshire club, taking it from an unambitious and amateur-run county to one that consistently competed for trophies and rose up the cricketing pyramid.

In the documentary, presenter Robbie James narrated the unique story of how the player did remarkable things with a cricket ball – but that there is so much more to him.

Robbie spoke to some of Warne’s closest friends, as well as those responsible for Hampshire's biggest-ever signing.

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He also said a personal story of how meeting Warne as a child changed his life, how Warne’s death made him call his dad for the first time in six years, and how none of this would have happened if it wasn’t for a chance meeting at Buckingham Palace.

Robbie said: “I've always been fascinated by mavericks in sport - but what blew my mind as a child was seeing someone that just made cricket look so much fun. You assume your heroes aren't real people as a child, so when I got to meet him and realised he was actually a real human, and a nice human at that. That blew my mind.

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"I associate so many of the moments watching Warne and Hampshire with a happy relationship with my Dad, something that I haven't experienced much of in the last few years.  Since Warne died though, this has really changed, so I kind of feel like I owe him for that.

“We live in a world where often the bad people get more airtime than the good people. Mavericks often get a bad name, but they are so important for reminding us that sport is entertainment, and should always be fun. So I really hope this shows as many people as possible that you can be unbelievably famous and talented, and still be a fun, nice person.”

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