Castle Combe circuit in Wiltshire played host to the exhilarating Combe Carnival race meeting, marking the fourth race event of the year at the renowned 1.85-mile track, writes Tim Crisp.

The day's attention was drawn to the circuit's GT Championship, where Andover driver Jamie Sturges showcased his skills behind the wheel of his Ramair Filters TCR VW Golf.

Heading into the race, Sturges held the top spot in class D with an impressive 19 points.

With two 20-minute races on the agenda, Sturges embarked on his quest for victory from the eighth position on the grid in race one.

Determined to make his mark, he wasted no time in maneuvering through the field, steadily gaining ground.

By the eighth lap, Sturges found himself in a promising third place, but his ambition did not stop there.

Showcasing his prowess on lap 12, the Kimpton-based driver impressively advanced to second place, ultimately finishing in that position at the end of the 16-lap timed race.

Race two presented another opportunity for Sturges to demonstrate his talent.

Starting once again from eighth on the grid, he quickly fought his way up to third place. However, on lap 16, an overtaking maneuver pushed him down to fourth overall as the thrilling 18-lap race concluded.

Nevertheless, Sturges claimed two more class D wins, further solidifying his position at the top.