AN ANDOVER man completed the New York Marathon last weekend in an outstanding time of 2.57.01.

John Kane from Andover Triathlon Club who is also a member of Andover Athletics Club finished the marathon in second place in his age category, 55-59. 

The New York feat adds another feather to Kane's cap, as he has now completed five out of six major marathons in under three hours, leaving only Tokyo to conquer.

If he manages to finish under three hours in Tokyo, he will gain entry into a highly exclusive club.

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While in New York, Kane had an unexpected encounter with fellow club members Les and Margaret Curruthers.

The couple was on an island boat tour when they unexpectedly bumped into Kane.

Intrigued by his presence, they decided to stay and support him throughout the race.

They even joined him in the after-race celebrations, further cementing the bond of camaraderie within the club.

Kane expressed his gratitude for the unwavering support he received from his club members.

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He posted in the club's Facebook page: "So, just back in the UK after great trip to NYC and five of six marathon majors completed under 3 hours, with just Tokyo remaining which if I finish sub 3 will get me into a very exclusive club.

"Very proud to sport my ATC shirt on Saturday which drew lots of curiosity from fellow runners not only from the States, but also from Winchester/Newbury/Salisbury and Overton! I strongly advise this race, it's definitely the toughest of the majors but the support and the backdrop can only inspire you as you take in all 5 x boroughs starting in Staten Island and finishing in Central Park.

"Ran decent negative 5k splits and thoroughly enjoyed myself out there and just received a call from the sponsors telling me I'm second in my age category (of 2279, beaten by a Japanese guy who I will hunt down in Tokyo) and my prize will be sent out tomorrow. 

"Thanks again for all your support and encouragement, you were my happy thought in those last three miles."