OVERTON Black Arrows hosted the challenging All British & Open Field Championships for 184 archers on May 25 and 26.

This prestigious event took place in the hills and woods above Kingsclere, near Watership Down.

Participants battled tricky courses and unpredictable weather conditions, shooting at a total of 24 targets using seven different bowstyles.

Each archer moved around the course in groups of four, launching three arrows at each target before advancing to the next one.

Course designers Susie Allam and Maurice Berridge have crafted a reputation for designing steep traverses with uphill, downhill, and cross-slope shots.

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Many attendees commended their course design abilities.

The championships spanned two days, with archers shooting known distances on the first day and unknown distances on the following day.

This format tested their fieldcraft to determine the correct shooting distance for the best possible score.

The weather conditions fluctuated from a glorious day on Saturday to heavy downpours on Sunday, but the archers remained undeterred.

After all, an archery competition is rarely postponed due to weather.

Complete competition results and additional pictures from the event are available on the Overton Black Arrows website.