AN ANDOVER man has returned victorious from Paris after winning the EPFA (European Powerchair Football Association) Champions Cup.

Tom Kelly, 21, with his team Aspire PFC have created history, becoming the first English club to win the cup.

Aspire got their place in the European Cup after winning the National Premiership League and FA Disability Cup last year.

The European Champions Cup was played over a week, from June 17 to 22, in Paris with 10 teams.

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Tom Kelly and his team Aspire PFC won the EPFA Champions Cup (Image: Contributed) It was a round robin competition with the top four teams reaching the semi-finals and then ultimately the semi-final winners reaching the final.

Aspire PFC qualified for the semi-finals after coming third in the table. They then had a hard-fought semi-final match against fellow English team West Bromwich Albion which went to extra time and penalties but Aspire managed to come out on top.

They then faced top French team Upsilon Chatenay Malabry in the final in which they managed to score in a very tough defensive match to win 1-0 and bring the trophy home to England for the first time.

Tom with his team Aspire PFC faced West Bromwich Albion again on Sunday, June 30, at St George’s Park in the final of the FA Disability Cup (WFA Cup) 2024.

West Bromwich Albion beat Aspire 2-0 to take away the WFA Cup.