YOUR article “No support for cycleway, says councillor” about the proposed Weyhill Road cycle scheme incorrectly implied that residents had not yet been asked for their views. In fact letters detailing the proposals were sent to 110 local residents back in January, and details of the scheme were made available through the Test Valley Borough Council website for all who wished to view and comment on them.

In determining the demand for this scheme we have also taken account of the increased use of the route by cyclists reported by both the police and the neighbourhood warden. They have identified that around one in four cyclists travelling along Weyhill Road are currently using the footway. In determining the need for new transport infrastructure, it is important to consider the purpose and likely use as well as the views of those living along any proposed route.

With the significant new developments under way to the west of the town, demand is expected to grow for travel to and from key destinations such as the railway station, hospital, town centre and the new residential development at East Anton.

It is important that we make provision for short trips like this by means of walking and cycling if we are to encourage people to make more sustainable and active transport choices.

The Andover Town Access Plan previously identified the need for good pedestrian and cycle links across the town, and this proposal is part of that overall strategy.

The proposed scheme provides a 3m wide, shared use, pedestrian and cycleway, where all users can be accommodated safely.

It will also provide two additional crossing points on the Weyhill Road, including the replacement of the existing zebra crossing outside the Meadow Way shops with a signal controlled facility to assist pedestrians and cyclists.

I will be considering all the evidence gathered before I make a decision on whether the scheme goes ahead. This will include comments from county and borough councillors and members of the public.

If anyone would like to submit any further comments about the proposal then I am more than happy to take them into account when I come to make the decision on this scheme in due course.

Cllr Sean Woodward Hampshire CC