THE letter from Michael Woodall, the former deputy leader of Hampshire County Council (Letters October 12, ‘If truth be told’), makes a vitally important point when he says: “The people of this country are now faced with a mistake of seismic historic proportions”.

He explains in clear terms what that seismic historic mistake will mean, particularly in terms of local services.

What we also now know is that a majority of the British public agrees with him.

YouGov polls throughout 2018 have consistently shown a clear margin (currently around four per cent) in favour of remaining in the EU.

There are no polls that show the opposite. The evidence is undeniable.

When I discussed this evidence with our MP Kit Malthouse his response was underwhelming.

He presented no counter evidence, instead talking about the likely outcomes of two types of Brexit namely Chequers and WTO.

If he doesn’t now know where Brexit will now lead how can we have been expected to know two years ago. No wonder millions of British people have changed their minds.

We are faced with a bad Brexit or a horrific Brexit.

And whichever we end up with our country will be horribly divided. The blame game will last a generation – and we will know that the majority didn’t want it.

Young people will suffer for the seismic historic mistake foisted on them by the older generation.

There is an alternative.

Find out what the people want by putting it to a Peoples Vote with an option to remain.

Philip Nield, Pardown, Oakley