MY REGULAR drinking local for 25 years was the Lamb Inn.

One Friday evening I was heading there and by mistake open4ed the door of the Masons Arms as they looked similar but was just 100 yards down Winchester Street hill from the Lamb Inn.

The door, unlike with the Lamb Inn, opened straight into a bar room, as I found out, where I was immediately recognised by Billy Butler who insisted I had a drink with him.

Two pints and an hour and a quarter later I headed for my original destination.

One night coming home from the Lamb Inn at closing time I went to get my car in the South Street car park. I got in my car, as I though, and went to turn the radio on. There was no radio as I was in the wrong car. I learned from this that the key to a Ford Anglia 105E was universal. One key fits all. Believe that today!

A good friend of mine was walking by the Victoria Arms (The Vic) in West Street (near the Rex Cinema which was opposite Lovell’s Dairy with Toni’s Café next along) in the 1950s or 60s when he saw a man coming out of a downstairs window frame riding a bicycle.

They made their own entertainment in those days.

Derek Weeks, Martin Way, Andover.