WHAT a fantastic turnout for the Remembrance Parade and Ceremony.

In fact so many that not everyone could get in to see the event! I was moved by the amount of children and adults involved in the previous day’s 215 venture at Vigo Road park. What a brilliant idea, certainly a start for these youngsters to know how brave their forefathers were, and how they fought for our freedom.

What a disappointment then, that no provisions were made for a lot of these younger generations at the Remembrance Gardens to see exactly how we show our appreciation to these men.

I think, and have said before, this venue is now too small and dangerous for this event! I say dangerous, because much to mine and others disgust, people were trying to enter the gardens via climbing over the wall in Church Close and then sliding down the tombstones. I saw one lady fall on her back but fortunately not badly hurt, then later everyone trying to exit the same way.

I’m not sure if the event is officially held by TVBC who I believe own the land, the Church as its part of their premises, the Royal British Legion who seem to organise the procedure or indeed all three!

I’m certain if it was anyone else wanting to hold an event of this magnitude, there would have to be security on show, signs showing the only ways in and out, provisions made for the disabled, (after all this is ground level), hopefully ‘keep off the tombstones’ signs and, of course, a public liability insurance in case someone is injured.

The Andover people are playing their part, but need a bigger venue. Perhaps that’s another reason the families of our forefathers put the War Memorial in the High Street in the first place.

Something has to done before the enthusiasm of a future generation is deterred, when everyone else has tried so hard to get them involved!

Ron Wood, Ashfield Road, Andover