I AM writing to thank several people who live and work in the Andover area and, in my opinion, are kind, caring people who cared for my injured racing pigeon.

The pigeon was found in the Weyhill area by Patricia Stronge who then proceeded to take the bird to a local vet in Andover — Anton Vets.

The two avian vets who cared and treated the injured bird were John Chitty and a young Norwegian lady called Sophie Bosch. They treated the injured pigeon for two days until I was able to collect the bird from the surgery and pay for their professional services.

Sophie politely informed me that there was no charge uncured to myself for all their professional help.

I just have to take off my hat to these three caring people for the time they gave in helping me and also to the receptionists who were most helpful and pleasant towards me, after so many calls.

Alan Reed, Blackwood, Gwent.