ACCORDING to the dictionary a peasant is someone who lives and works on the land. According to many remainers, we, those of us who voted to leave the EU, are stupid peasants. It really is pompous and patronising to suggest we did not understand the principals involved in making the decision. Is it possible that many people who voted to remain were influenced by the apocalypse predicted by many commentators.

Just recently I witnessed the tributes to commemorate all those who gave their lives in WW1 and WW2 and saw both men and women of all ages in tears. As the poppies remind us they shed their blood to make the world a better place. Unfortunately, we forget that those peasants endured the squalor and unbelievable hardships whilst top brass, politicians and big business attended lavish parties and receptions far, far away from any danger. Even the recipient of a VC for valour recorded how he had shot four peasants, fellow soldiers and countrymen, emphasising the price the ordinary man paid.

Future generations will shed blood albeit in the form of hard-earned money, payable every year to inject the billions of pounds which will be our contribution to the EU 'cash cow' should we fail on Brexit. Even the most naive remainer must realise that any return of this money will be less than the amount paid in and its use will be decided outside of this country by member states.

We cannot have selective democracy! Europhiles have big names trumpeting their cause and many can see the generous subsidies and potential 'plum jobs' in this monolithic organisation disappearing after Brexit.

Arch remainer, Jennifer Godschall Johnson, stated that ‘the world looks on [in disbelief,] torn between pity and ridicule …’ (Letters, November 2, ‘Better than this’).Yes, but probably because of the failure to accept a democratic decision. When catastrophes happen abroad once again it is the peasants either directly or through taxation paid to the government, who rise to the occasion. We have a foreign aid debacle that is justified supposedly, by maintaining influence and respect on the world stage. No they don't pity us, they laugh at us which is not quite the same.

Our exit from the EU should prioritise our independence, justifying the decision made by the majority from whatever background or social standing and despite the Armageddon predicted by Carney, Obama, Blair, etc. Need I go on? Probably not!

Paul Ayers, Elmstead Park, East Cholderton.