THOSE at Andover Boy’s Secondary School in London Road (1958-1962) may remember the music teacher Mr Armsby (Mozart) who travelled from Winchester and was in the cathedral choir.

He taught our class to play the descant (basic) recorder. He could see that some of us enjoyed it and took the trouble to procure a complete set of instruments with the edition of the treble, tenor and bass recorders.

A group of us was formed to play these instruments at the morning assembly where we played hymns together with Mr Dyer (Goofy) playing the violin and Mr Armsby on piano.

I owe a great debt to Mr Armsby for introducing me to classical music, it being one of my great loves.

Among the vinyl LPs he played us was the Young Person’s Guide to the Orchestra, The Trout Quintet, the Planets’ Suite and the Peer Gynt suite.

I will never forget an occasion in the hall when Mr Armsby and a 15-year-old boy played a duet on the piano which was The Arrival of the Queen of Sheba by Handel. This very fast piece was played brilliantly and showed great skill.

In recent years my memory is fading faster than an i-Pad so I don’t remember the boy’s name (or was it Bridle?). I do remember another boy with musical talent whose surname was Coverdale.

Derek Weeks, Martin Way, Andover