I AM, like most people I have spoken to, totally dismayed at the planned closure of our Crown Post Office on Bridge Street.

Relocating the main post office of the town to WHSmith is madness. For the last eight years, a ‘Which?’ survey has ranked WHSmith as the worst shop on the high street.

Like me, I am sure you are well used to the sight of turning the corner into the Post Office and finding yourself at the back of the queue stood in the doorway. Add to that cramped aisles, other customers, a smaller space for WHSmith’s to stock their store and the new plans are complete madness. For those with mobility issues, those with buggies, those in wheelchairs — this plan in wholly inadequate!

I encourage Andover residents to write to the chairman of the Post Office, Tim Parker, and let him know the strength of feeling in this town. Also, please fill out the consultation on the Post Office website. By the strength of our common endeavour, we can achieve more together than we can achieve alone.

Cllr Andy Fitchet, Chair, North West Hampshire Labour