A LOCAL Facebook photo of the old Andover bus station* recently evoked memories of days gone by.

We used to wait for the bus to be pulling out on to Bridge Street before swinging onboard by the pole on the rear platform.

It cost 2d to get from there to the Junction station using the number 8 or 71 but only 1d on the train (child fares).

We would be doing those journeys on our own frequently from around the age of eight.

Sometimes we would catch the bus in to town and come back on the train just for the fun of it, all paid for by returning an empty glass lemonade bottle — thruppence! (3d)

I remember once having to jump off at the corner by the Odeon when I suddenly remembered I had ridden my bike in to town.

I couldn’t see things like that happening these days!

Allan Pothecary, Eardley Avenue, Andover

*Editor’s note: The bus station was located where Iceland stands today.