I HAD to check that it wasn’t an April Fool joke when I read your article ‘Say I do at town library! (Advertiser, page 13, February 1).

As Councillor Brooks points out, the Chantry Centre is not a desirable wedding venue. However, my main concern is for those of us having to register the death of a loved one. Having had to register a number of deaths over the years I am angry that anyone could think it acceptable to co-locate in the library.

The crass comment from Councillor Seán Woodward adds to my concern but I suppose that (using his logic) I could at least return the deceased’s library books and save myself a trip! By the way, since when did the registration of a major life event become recreation or heritage?

Beech Hurst offers privacy and gravitas on the sad occasion of a death — piped music, and Poundstretcher does not.

Mandy Brown, Weyhill Road, Andover.