I READ with great interest the Conservative ‘Ambitious for Andover’ leaflet recently.

My first thoughts are, when did you become ambitious for Andover? Our town has been left behind for years. No bold action, no imagination just a tinkering around the edges. Andover deserves better.

It was, however, the emails that grabbed my attention. Every Tory candidate has been given a testvalley.ORG.UK email address, strikingly similar to testvalley.GOV.UK that sitting councillors have. This is, in my opinion, there to deliberately mislead the public and confuse before the election about who are and who aren’t sitting councillors and who are new candidates.

These Tory tricks are there to confuse. We need to make engagement in politics, particularly local politics, easier not more complicated. It’s time for new councillors who will be on your side. It’s time to kick the Tories out.

Cllr Andy Fitchet, Chairman North West Hampshire Labour.