tter to the Advertiser on September 20 requires some clarification.

I was never approached directly about this issue. If she had made her request to fly the flag directly to me or via the council for my attention, she would have got her answer without the need for a petition.

This is because the Cabinet and I consider it to be a good idea, which is why the Union Flag now flies over our buildings.

Furthermore, though she states the answers provided by an officer, she fails to explain that none of her questions specifically requested that the Union Flag be flown from council buildings.

I hope this clears up any confusion.

War memorial – a letter from Mark Brown appeared in the Advertiser last week regarding the relocation of the war memorial.

You only need to read some of the comments on socialmedia sites about this topic to realise that opinion on its relocation is divided. And over the years we have consistently found this to be the case.

The memorial spent 36 years in the High Street before being moved to the Garden of Remembrance in St Mary’s churchyard in 1956, due to complaints it was being vandalised. It has stood in its current location for 58 years alongside Commonwealth war graves from the First and Second World Wars.

Moving the memorial for a second time risks disappointing as many people as it pleases. We must ensure that the vocal few do not force their opinion on the masses.

Councillor Ian Carr, leader, Test Valley Borough Council.