THE much anticipated installation of Waterloo Court’s ‘arch’ has come too late for us and there hangs, sadly, an empty locator where our business name would have been displayed.

Love them or loathe them, the commissioning of the arches for the seven lanes leading off the High Street was intended to signpost businesses there, whilst also giving a nod to history.

Yes, this project is funded by the public purse but please remember that these businesses are tax and rate payers, indeed, the four small businesses down the walkway at Waterloo Court have contributed around £160,000 over a nine year period via business rates alone!

I’ve no idea how much of that has found its way back to Andover but to the naysayers I would ask “please don’t begrudge those businesses this one tangible assist”.

Thank you.

Christine Mellor

David Mellor Family Jewellers